Select a stone with personal meaning. Your birthstone more than glistens, it brings you luck and provides a connection to the natural world.
Since 18th-century Poland, where the wearing of birthstone jewelry began, the custom has spread throughout the world. Each stone and its alternates are considered lucky to those born in their month of influence. Our modern list will help you find a gem that is uniquely you.
January: Garnet
was thought to spark creativity and help the wearer resist melancholy.
February: Amethyst
was known to the Ancient Greek to protect one against drunkenness. It is also associated with luck, wit and health.
March: Aquamarine
associated with happiness and understanding. It stands as a symbol of consistency when presented to a new bride.
April: Diamond
the ultimate gift of love, comes from the Greek word “adamas” suggesting the eternity of love and relationship.
May: Emerald
represents fidelity, goodness and love, and was also known to strengthen the owner’s memory.
June: Pearl, Moonstone
is connected with peace, beauty and nobility. It is also considered to be an emblem of modesty, chastity and purity.
July: Ruby
stands for love, enthusiasm and strength. It often is given as a gift that represents devotion and passion.
August: Peridot
signifies success, dignity and protection. It is believed to help dreams become reality.
September: Sapphire
is known as the stone of prosperity. It is a symbol of purity, truth, sincerity and consistency.
October: Opal, Tourmaline
portraying its magical glow and play of colors; it is believed to bring beauty, success and happiness to its wearer.
November: Topaz, Citrine
with its bright color, has been associated with light-heartedness and cheerfulness, and is a symbol of hope, health, and fidelity.
December: Zircon, Turquoise
represents wisdom, courage and sincerity. This stone is also believed to stand for uprightness.

Birthstones by Indian Astrology & Date of Birth
Date of Birth Rashi (Zodiac) Stars Stones Color
20 March - 19 April Aries
Mangal Coral of Red Agate (Munga & Akik) Red
20 April - 20 May Taurus
Mangal Diamond, W. Sapphire, Moonstone, Agate (Heera, Pukhraj, Chandra, Akik) White
21 May - 22 June Gemini
Budh Emerald, Jead, Onex, Agate (Panna, Margaj, Onis, Akik) Green
23 June - 21 July Cancer
Chandrama Pearl, Opal, Agate (Moti, Opal, Akik) Milky
22 July - 22 August Leo
Surya Ruby, Gamet, Starruby, Agate (Manak, Tamda, Mehasuri, Star & Akik) Red
23 August - 21 September Virgo
Budh Emerald, Jead, Onex, Agate (Panna, Margaj, Onis & Akik) Green
22 September - 22 October Libra
Shukra Diamond, Wsapphire, Moonstone, Agate (Heera, Pukhraj, Moonstone & Akik) White
23 October - 21 November Scorpio
Mangal Coral, Red Agate (Munga, Hara Akik) Red
22 November - 23 December Sagittarius
Brahaspati Yellow Sapphire, Golden Topaz, Agate (Pukhraj, Sunhela & Akik) Yellow
23 December - 29 January Capricorn
Shani Blue Sapphire, Lapis, Black Star Agate (Nilam, Lajbard & Lasunia) Black / Blue
30 January - 19 February Aquarius
Shani Sapphire, Avularte, Amethyst, Agate (Nilam, Nili, Kathela & Akik) Black / Blue
20 February - 19 March Pisces
Brahaspati Yellow Sapphire, Golden Topaz, Agate (Pukhraj, Sunhela, Akik) Yellow
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